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We specialize in the following interventional pain medicine approaches to lessen pain and improve function

Regenerative Medicine

Including Prolotherapy, PRP, and Stem Cell.  The treatment goal is to stimulate repair of worn out or damaged tissues including joints.


Including Pain Pumps and Neurostimulators. We implant and manage spinal cord and peripheral nerve stimulators and intrathecal drug delivery pumps. These devices allow better pain control, and at the same time reduce need for oral medications.


Including Coolief and Rhizotomy.  Some of the nerves carrying pain-related information are made to stop conducting by using heat-generating radiofrequency probes. This decreases pain and allows ability to exercise more effectively.

Minimally Invasive Lumbar Decompression

An image-guided procedure for spinal stenosis whereby spinal canal narrowing is reduced enough to allow better ability to stand and walk.

Epidural and facet injections

These procedures reduce pain related to inflammation associated with nerve compression in the spine, or with arthritis of the joints of the spine.


A procedure to treat compression fractures of the spine commonly caused by osteoporosis. The fracture is reduced by inflating a small high pressure balloon. This is then removed and vertebra is filled with a glue-like cement to treat pain.

Discogram and Percutaneous Discectomy

A disc injection to help localize source of pain in the spine and decompression of the herniated disc to reduce pressure on the nerve roots and pain in an arm or leg.

EMG and nerve conduction studies

Diagnostic tests to help identify location of a problem in the nervous system to help guide interventional treatment.

Ultrasound-guided interventions

Precise injection delivery utilizing non-radiation based localization techniques.